Is this how you’d speak to a 9 year old?

Before Diva launched their new Playboy jewellery in-store, this is what they posted online….

Considering Bianca Ginns (Diva’s general manager) confirmed to a concerned customer (via phone) that Diva’s core demographic is 9-13 year olds it’s all a bit creepy isn’t it?

If you need further evidence that Diva actively targets minors, check out this screen grab below from Diva’s website. How many adults do you know that use the term ‘BFF’? (Best Friend Forever).

Diva also advertises in ‘Girlfriend’ & ‘Dolly’ magazines – clearly not publications targeting adults….

They have tens of thousands of underage Facebook fans.

Artwork Copyright: Diva Australia.


It’s official – Diva has blocked concerned mothers from posting on their Facebook page!

Isn’t this an interesting & very telling screen grab (shown below)?

Today, a comment appeared on Diva’s fanpage from Diva moderators saying they’ll now block people who “spam” their wall.

5 concerned mother’s, who have been demanding an answer from Diva over the past 2 weeks, have now all been blocked from putting pressure on Diva publicly via their Facebook page. ALL their comments have been removed!

Take a close look at the comment below though….

It’s from a Diva fan. Diva allowed this to stay up, as Diva went & deleted hundreds of comments from people speaking out against their range.

The comment says “(Diva) Don’t listen to these old bags who have nothing better to do with their lives. F*%k of dumb b%#ches !!!”

Whoever is “moderating” the Diva Facebook page is doing a laughable job…

Why is Diva ignoring its customers?

Over 3,100 people have signed a petition to ask Diva (Australian tween jewellery store) to remove Playboy-themed jewellery from sale.

Every time a signature is added, Diva receives an email from that person detailing why they’re against their new range.

Given this pretty clear feedback:

Why has Diva management been so silent on the issue?

Why have they refused to reply to customer’s emails & Facebook comments?

Why have they consistently refused to talk to any media?

Why are they allowing all their teen/young staff to abuse their customers via their own personal Facebook accounts?

Why are they deleting customer feedback on their Facebook page when it’s against their new range?

Is it because Diva CAN’T reasonably justify selling a range promoting a porn-empire in store that obviously caters to minors?

On their website (grab below) it says “At Diva, it’s about the customer, always. As our customer, you are our number one priority”.

This has certainly not been the experience for thousands of disappointed Diva customers….

Artwork Copyright: Diva Australia.

Proof that Diva’s new ‘porno chic’ range IS targeting children….

Over the weekend, quite a few (ex) customers took photos of Diva stores around Australia clearly showing how Playboy jewellery is being sold & displayed on the SAME rack as Disney & Winnie the Pooh merchandise.

Diva staff have said time & time again (via their own personal Facebook accounts) that Diva aren’t targeting young people. They claim their new range is just for adults.

Why display their new Playboy range on the very rack that caters to minors/children then? As seen in this photo, the ‘Young Divas’ range (on the right) that obviously caters to minors is RIGHT NEXT TO the Playboy range.

Surely, if Diva claims minors aren’t being targeted, they should have found a more appropriate place in the store to display their merchandise…..

Diva FINALLY replies to concerned customers – in their trademark fashion!

Largely as a result of the recent petition via Diva has received over 2,600 emails so far from people who oppose their new range.

The majority of these emails have gone unanswered.

Concerned parent Kate Drury recently asked Diva (via their Facebook page) to please reply to the thousands of concerned consumers regarding them selling a Playboy range to a store that caters for kids, rather than ignoring everyone.

On Sunday 9th October 2011, Diva posted this reply to Kate.

“Response” – Now will you leave?”

Kate received the notification (shown above), however, when she went to Diva’s fanpage to reply, Diva had swiftly deleted their childish comment.

Luckily people had already taken screen grabs of Diva’s faux pas!

Rather than addressing customer’s concerns, Diva are just fuelling the fire.

Here’s another trademark ‘Diva’ reply to concerned customers:

Diva also swiftly removed their (aforementioned) childish comment, but not before people took a screen grab.


Diva contradict themselves & sell a 12 year old girl a Playboy necklace…

Are Diva executives hoping youngsters will think that the Playboy bunny logo on their necklaces is just another cute, fluffy animal & forms part of their more age appropriate ranges?

If so, it appears to be working….

As one concerned mother (Kitty Varcoe) wrote on the Diva Facebook page on the weekend, her 12 year old came home with a Playboy bunny necklace she just bought from Diva, not realising what the bunny represented. Kitty told Diva she was very upset that her daughter was sold this item given her age.

Kitty was then ruthlessly hounded & provoked on the Diva Facebook page by trolls for days. She spoke up strongly & highlighted that Diva is in fact selling the Playboy range to minors. She also told Diva that they are moderating their page unfairly (see below).

Kitty has just confirmed that Diva Facebook administrators have now blocked her from their page! Diva removed ALL her comments.  NOTE: All the trolls & cyber-bullies are still allowed to post, swear & abuse anyone they feel like on Diva’s fan page!

Diva’s selective moderating is also happening to others who speak out against the new range:

All the while, Diva has allowed the earlier jokes posted on their Facebook fan page about molestation & pedophilia to remain online. (Posters name removed – as a result screen grab’s been cut in 2).

Diva staff have stated (from their own personal Facebook accounts) that they aren’t selling the Playboy merchandise to children. This latest case proves the opposite.

Cyber-bulling is in vogue (apparently)

Diva Accessories recently told it’s young consumer base that Playboy was “fashion”. This in and of itself is irresponsible & very misguided. However, according to some of Diva’s very vocal Facebook fans, it seems as though cyber bullying is undeniably what’s “hot right now”.

For the record, cyberbullying is not on. It’s illegal. Cancerous. Vicious & poisonous.

Here’s a tiny sample of the hundreds of abusive comments taken directly from the Diva Facebook fan page. These comments have been posted online by teens & twenty-somethings as the page remained unmoderated for a full week. (*Please excuse the nature of these comments. We understand they may upset some, however, the truth needs to be told).

In reply to a concerned mother rationally voicing her concerns, a young lady posted this on the Diva Facebook fan page: “Maybe you give too many fucks & need to shut your hoe mouth”. 3 people clicked the ‘Like’ button.

She then followed up with some more friendly banter such as “dumbass”, “Cry a little harder” & “Do you want a fucking tissue?”

Maybe even more surprising (which is really saying something!) is that did NOTHING to moderate or remove this post. They allowed this girl & her friends to KEEP POSTING! (Despite concerned calls for action).

All we can say is, keeping fan numbers up must really mean a lot to Diva!

A week in, these comments are still on the Diva Facebook fan page.