Gone, but definitely not forgotten…

In a new attempt to censor the general public, Diva’s Facebook moderators have deleted all customer feedback posted on their ‘reviews’ page. The company refuses to stop selling Playboy jewellery, despite it’s stores being hugely popular with minors. The company has received over 4,200 written consumer complaints to date.

Diva’s Facebook page says it encourages & values customer feedback (see above). However, management have just censored & deleted all customer reviews.

Below are but a handful of deleted reviews. Given the way Diva has publicly handled itself over the past 3 weeks, it seems the company is hellbent on cutting off the hand that feeds it. Apparently customers who have tried contacting Diva’s general manager these past 2 days have been told she’s just left the country.


4,000 official consumer complaints & counting…

Brett Blundy controls Diva Australia. His company BB Retail Capital is yet to pull the plug on Diva’s Playboy jewellery, despite receiving over 4,000 consumer complaints via change.org. In an unprecedented social media move, Diva just deleted hundreds of new customer complaints & has blocked innumerable users from being able to follow up on grievances via their Facebook page.

For the past couple of weeks, the company has not been replying to customer concerns (submitted in writing), regarding the new Diva range. Many customers have also found emails sent direct to the company have bounced.

Below are some of Brett Blundy’s other financial ventures & interests. Bras N Things & Adairs also retail Playboy-themed merchandise.

Artwork Copyright – Brazin/BB Retail Capital.

BB Retail Capital is based in Sydney, NSW.


This morning Diva deleted over 100 new Facebook customer complaints regarding their Playboy jewellery range.

In our 10 years of studying business practices, this is perhaps the most blatant example of consumer disregard we’ve come across.

Isn’t it counter-productive for a company to ruthlessly monitor it’s Facebook page & have to remove hundreds of complaints every few days? Wouldn’t addressing consumer concerns via one official statement make more business sense?

Rather than publicly make a single statement on their position, it appears as though Diva’s General Manager Bianca Ginns is now employing out-dated damage-control tactics. Today, Diva posted on Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Spring Racing, Celebrity Apprentice & InStyle Magazine in quick succession to try & drown out new consumer complaints.

Has Diva lost it’s credibility?

Colette Hayman founded Diva in Australia. She sold the business a few years back to start ‘Colette Accessories’. Here’s her thoughts on Diva in a recent interview. (Source:  http://www.dynamicbusiness.com.au/entrepreneur-profile/210411-2.html)

“Diva was my creation and a company that I am still very proud of….Nothing would make me sadder than to see it lose its credibility”. 

Hayman goes on to state: “Colette Accessories is a more grown up version of Diva. Yes, there may be a crossover of customer but my customer is ‘sexier’, she doesn’t buy Disney, she’s not girly. She’s a fashionista, she knows fashion and the current trends. I think we have a large point of difference in both our offering and image.”

2 points to note:

* Hayman confirms that Diva’s demographic is young, girly & into Disney.

* Diva recently used the argument that Playboy is “fashion” when they started retailing their new ‘porno-chic’ jewellery range to minors.

In today’s tough economic climate, is Diva trying to emulate Colette & nab some of it’s market-share by introducing this new (clearly adult) “fashion” line? Has Diva’s move backfired as they primarily cater to minors though?

At least 3,900 consumers think Diva has had a lapse in good judgement & should cut it’s ties with the porn empire. http://www.change.org/petitions/diva-stop-selling-playboy-to-little-girls

Today’s financial report brought to you by: Miss Moneypenny

There have been first-hand reports trickling in from customers confirming Diva has started removing remaining Playboy jewellery from the retail floor & selling it to girls from under the counter.

As a staff member pointed out on Diva’s Facebook page, Diva’s Playboy jewellery is reportedly 90% sold out now. No doubt this is courtesy of all the publicity their latest move has earned them.

So it seems the initial Playboy range is nearly all shopped & Diva has succeeded in making their $$.

Despite 3,600 people petitioning Diva to discontinue retailing the Playboy jewellery to minors, a Victorian Diva store manager recently claimed a new Playboy jewellery range will be hitting stores in November.

Who decided it was ok for Diva to put the ‘X’ in Xmas?

It’s roughly 11 weeks until Christmas – The busiest shopping period of the year for retailers.

Some Diva employees have stated (via Diva’s Facebook page) that the budget jewellery chain is reportedly introducing new Playboy jewellery in November, just in time for Christmas.

We’ll let you decide if you want to celebrate the season of love, joy & peace lining the pockets of a global porn empire & it’s licencees.

For us, Christmas celebrates everything that’s good & right in the world. Given the venom that’s been freely posted Diva’s Facebook page the past few weeks, goodwill towards all mankind has been in short supply…

NEVER underestimate the power of social media

This is what happens when a company upsets & then ignores it’s customers. Seems like the number of people who don’t agree with Diva’s decision to sell Playboy-themed jewellery to minors is gaining momentum.

How’s this Facebook page dedicated to unmasking Diva’s latest range for what it really is? We don’t know who created it, however, it certainly does get the point across.


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