Has Diva lost it’s credibility?

Colette Hayman founded Diva in Australia. She sold the business a few years back to start ‘Colette Accessories’. Here’s her thoughts on Diva in a recent interview. (Source:  http://www.dynamicbusiness.com.au/entrepreneur-profile/210411-2.html)

“Diva was my creation and a company that I am still very proud of….Nothing would make me sadder than to see it lose its credibility”. 

Hayman goes on to state: “Colette Accessories is a more grown up version of Diva. Yes, there may be a crossover of customer but my customer is ‘sexier’, she doesn’t buy Disney, she’s not girly. She’s a fashionista, she knows fashion and the current trends. I think we have a large point of difference in both our offering and image.”

2 points to note:

* Hayman confirms that Diva’s demographic is young, girly & into Disney.

* Diva recently used the argument that Playboy is “fashion” when they started retailing their new ‘porno-chic’ jewellery range to minors.

In today’s tough economic climate, is Diva trying to emulate Colette & nab some of it’s market-share by introducing this new (clearly adult) “fashion” line? Has Diva’s move backfired as they primarily cater to minors though?

At least 3,900 consumers think Diva has had a lapse in good judgement & should cut it’s ties with the porn empire. http://www.change.org/petitions/diva-stop-selling-playboy-to-little-girls