It’s official – Diva has blocked concerned mothers from posting on their Facebook page!

Isn’t this an interesting & very telling screen grab (shown below)?

Today, a comment appeared on Diva’s fanpage from Diva moderators saying they’ll now block people who “spam” their wall.

5 concerned mother’s, who have been demanding an answer from Diva over the past 2 weeks, have now all been blocked from putting pressure on Diva publicly via their Facebook page. ALL their comments have been removed!

Take a close look at the comment below though….

It’s from a Diva fan. Diva allowed this to stay up, as Diva went & deleted hundreds of comments from people speaking out against their range.

The comment says “(Diva) Don’t listen to these old bags who have nothing better to do with their lives. F*%k of dumb b%#ches !!!”

Whoever is “moderating” the Diva Facebook page is doing a laughable job…