Why is Diva ignoring its customers?

Over 3,100 people have signed a petition to ask Diva (Australian tween jewellery store) to remove Playboy-themed jewellery from sale. http://www.change.org/petitions/diva-stop-selling-playboy-to-little-girls

Every time a signature is added, Diva receives an email from that person detailing why they’re against their new range.

Given this pretty clear feedback:

Why has Diva management been so silent on the issue?

Why have they refused to reply to customer’s emails & Facebook comments?

Why have they consistently refused to talk to any media?

Why are they allowing all their teen/young staff to abuse their customers via their own personal Facebook accounts?

Why are they deleting customer feedback on their Facebook page when it’s against their new range?

Is it because Diva CAN’T reasonably justify selling a range promoting a porn-empire in store that obviously caters to minors?

On their website (grab below) it says “At Diva, it’s about the customer, always. As our customer, you are our number one priority”.

This has certainly not been the experience for thousands of disappointed Diva customers….

Artwork Copyright: Diva Australia.