Diva contradict themselves & sell a 12 year old girl a Playboy necklace…

Are Diva executives hoping youngsters will think that the Playboy bunny logo on their necklaces is just another cute, fluffy animal & forms part of their more age appropriate ranges?

If so, it appears to be working….

As one concerned mother (Kitty Varcoe) wrote on the Diva Facebook page on the weekend, her 12 year old came home with a Playboy bunny necklace she just bought from Diva, not realising what the bunny represented. Kitty told Diva she was very upset that her daughter was sold this item given her age.

Kitty was then ruthlessly hounded & provoked on the Diva Facebook page by trolls for days. She spoke up strongly & highlighted that Diva is in fact selling the Playboy range to minors. She also told Diva that they are moderating their page unfairly (see below).

Kitty has just confirmed that Diva Facebook administrators have now blocked her from their page! Diva removed ALL her comments.  NOTE: All the trolls & cyber-bullies are still allowed to post, swear & abuse anyone they feel like on Diva’s fan page!

Diva’s selective moderating is also happening to others who speak out against the new range:

All the while, Diva has allowed the earlier jokes posted on their Facebook fan page about molestation & pedophilia to remain online. (Posters name removed – as a result screen grab’s been cut in 2).

Diva staff have stated (from their own personal Facebook accounts) that they aren’t selling the Playboy merchandise to children. This latest case proves the opposite.