Diva FINALLY replies to concerned customers – in their trademark fashion!

Largely as a result of the recent petition via http://www.change.org/petitions/diva-stop-selling-playboy-to-little-girls Diva has received over 2,600 emails so far from people who oppose their new range.

The majority of these emails have gone unanswered.

Concerned parent Kate Drury recently asked Diva (via their Facebook page) to please reply to the thousands of concerned consumers regarding them selling a Playboy range to a store that caters for kids, rather than ignoring everyone.

On Sunday 9th October 2011, Diva posted this reply to Kate.

“Response” – Now will you leave?”

Kate received the notification (shown above), however, when she went to Diva’s fanpage to reply, Diva had swiftly deleted their childish comment.

Luckily people had already taken screen grabs of Diva’s faux pas!

Rather than addressing customer’s concerns, Diva are just fuelling the fire.

Here’s another trademark ‘Diva’ reply to concerned customers:

Diva also swiftly removed their (aforementioned) childish comment, but not before people took a screen grab.