Cyber-bulling is in vogue (apparently)

Diva Accessories recently told it’s young consumer base that Playboy was “fashion”. This in and of itself is irresponsible & very misguided. However, according to some of Diva’s very vocal Facebook fans, it seems as though cyber bullying is undeniably what’s “hot right now”.

For the record, cyberbullying is not on. It’s illegal. Cancerous. Vicious & poisonous.

Here’s a tiny sample of the hundreds of abusive comments taken directly from the Diva Facebook fan page. These comments have been posted online by teens & twenty-somethings as the page remained unmoderated for a full week. (*Please excuse the nature of these comments. We understand they may upset some, however, the truth needs to be told).

In reply to a concerned mother rationally voicing her concerns, a young lady posted this on the Diva Facebook fan page: “Maybe you give too many fucks & need to shut your hoe mouth”. 3 people clicked the ‘Like’ button.

She then followed up with some more friendly banter such as “dumbass”, “Cry a little harder” & “Do you want a fucking tissue?”

Maybe even more surprising (which is really saying something!) is that did NOTHING to moderate or remove this post. They allowed this girl & her friends to KEEP POSTING! (Despite concerned calls for action).

All we can say is, keeping fan numbers up must really mean a lot to Diva!

A week in, these comments are still on the Diva Facebook fan page.