Diva Accessories – Australian Case Study

On Wednesday 28th September Australian nationwide budget jewellery chain Diva http://www.diva.net.au/ decided to publicly align themselves with the world’s most recognisable pornographic brand: Playboy.

They introduced a range of jewellery that (amongst other things) features the porn conglomerate’s logo. (Other pieces included a charm of a ladies backside & legs).

Many people feel that one of the problems with Diva selling Playboy-themed jewellery is that (as the Diva managing director Bianca Ginns (bginns@diva.net.au) herself admitted via phone last week), Diva’s core demographic is 9 to 13 year olds.

Minors in other words. Minors, that most rational people would agree, shouldn’t be walking advertisements for everything the pornographic industry represents.

Minors who can’t legally purchase or view pornography.

What has ensued has become one of the most appalling displays of corporate failings Australia has ever seen.

Read on to find out more…..

PS – It should be noted that a PURPOSE of this case study is to:

1. Get Diva to rationally & publicly justify why it believes selling the Playboy brand to young people is ok (after now receiving a tonne of customer feedback).

2. To get Diva to publicly apologise for the venom they’ve allowed people to post on their Facebook fan page & publicly re-affirm to all that Cyber-bulling is NEVER ok.

3. Make Diva accountable so that they (finally) do moderate their fan page in it’s entirety & remove ALL inappropriate comments (not just the ones that suit them).