Does Diva’s latest press release promote Pedophilia? You be the judge…..

Diva publicly introduced their new ‘porno-chic’ range via an official press statement, as “just the right amount of sexiness, Playboy…will have every *girl* feeling glamorous.”

As someone aptly stated on their Facebook fan page, “Hate to state the obvious, but any adult who thinks ANY amount of sexiness is ok for girls is a Pedophile”.

Diva’s move angered thousands of Australian consumers & the issue received great local & international press in a short amount of time.

As of last week, Diva’s Facebook & Twitter pages were inundated with comments from a broad spectrum of people, concerned with their new range & the underlying issues at play.

Looking at the figures, most of their Facebook posters emphatically disagree with the new range, especially since it retails alongside Disney & Winnie the Pooh offerings.

The people who agree with the range have identified themselves as: Numerous staff members, ex-staff, trolls, a handful of teen girls & boys, a couple of young mothers & someone from the adult entertainment industry.

People against the range have identified themselves as: Mother’s, fathers, teen girls, children’s advocates, teachers, school principals, women’s rights leaders, social activists & health-care professionals.

A petition launched by women’s advocacy group ‘Collective Shout’ against the range via has been widely supported in a very small amount of time.