This is what hate looks like.

For anyone wondering what hate looks like, a quick visit to Diva’s Facebook fan page should clear things up.

In under a week, over 300 derogatory remarks have been listed on the Diva fan page.

Insults relating to concerned customer’s gender, intelligence, sexual orientation, race, disabilities & weight have spewed forth unrelentingly.

One ‘fan’ even went as far as taunting a concerned customer suggesting they’d do well to take their own life because of their appearance. Diva was no-where to be found the entire week & did not moderate their page.

On Tues 4th Oct, someone claimed on the Diva page that Facebook staff themselves removed a small handful of inappropriate content from the page where Diva as a company failed to do so.

Is Diva is hoping the entire issue & illegal nature of comments on their fan page will just go away?

Numerous emails & demands for swift action to Diva’s General Manager Bianca Ginns about moderating the fan page have gone unanswered.

The entire handling of the issue by Diva management has been revelatory & speaks volumes of the company’s (lack of) ethics.

They’ve allowed jokes about paedophilia & molestation to stay online.

The fact that many of Diva’s current & past employees have hurled abuse at concerned customers (from their own private Facebook accounts) also strangely went un-supervised by the company.