Corporate Failings – An introduction

This blog has been created to expose businesses & corporations that are putting profits before people.

Sometimes corporations fail to respond to the general public’s concerns about their products, marketing angles & business practices. In such instances, consumers still wish to voice their concerns & be heard.

This blog provides real-life case studies highlighting the growing & alarming trend of young people (often-times minors) being portrayed in hyper-sexualised ways by businesses & marketers, all in the name of corporate gain.

It’s also a call to action for ALL businesses & corporations that are selling inappropriate items to minors. We want to let them know (in no uncertain terms) that we will no longer be supporting them financially by purchasing their products.

* When customers names have been mentioned here & they’ve been quoted, permission has been obtained.

* We’ve contacted some customers to obtain permission to use their images/info here, but have not heard back. If you would like us to remove/alter anything please let us know.